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CSS height property.
If height: auto; the element will automatically adjust its height to allow its content to be displayed correctly. If height is set to a numeric value like pixels, rem, percentages then if the content does not fit within the specified height, it will overflow.
HEIGHT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
the particular distance that something is above a surface.: The bullet entered the body at chest height. high places, or the top of hills.: Don't' go up the tower if you're' afraid of heights. Machine guns were mounted along the heights behind the town.
Height Definition of Height by Merriam-Webster.
b: a point or position that is advanced or extreme or that extends upward a great distance: a high point or position afraid of heights the heights and depths of love. 5 obsolete: an advanced social rank. Synonyms Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about height.
Height Wikipedia.
Height is measure of vertical distance, either vertical extent how tall" something or someone is or vertical position how high" a point is. For example, The" height of that building is 50 m" or The" height of an airplane in-flight is about 10000, m.
HTML DOM Style height Property.
Definition and Usage. The height property sets or returns the height of an element. The height property has effect only on block-level elements or on elements with absolute or fixed position. The overflowing content can be manipulated with the overflow property.

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